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Last Updated: April 10, 2021

Stadium Facts

Opened: 2006
Capacity: 45,494
Teams: St. Louis Cardinals
Address: St. Louis, Missouri

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Even though the National League was created after the American League, the St. Louis Cardinals were established way back in 1882. At that time they played in the league known as the American Association which is really the predecessor to the major leagues that we know today. Of course they had a different name back then known as the Brown Stockings barnstorming club, since many baseball franchises began as local clubs rather than official organizations. When they joined the American Association the name was quickly changed to the St. Louis Browns and they were pretty successful in that League winning the championship four years out of the nine years that they were part of it. When the team joined the National League in 1900 they were renamed to the Cardinals. This may all seem rather confusing and to be honest it is a little bit, however it is important to know that the Cardinals are one of the most historic franchises in the MLB today.

The Cardinals are also one of the most winning franchises in the MLB, having won 105 games or more four times, and winning more than 100 games nine different times. With all of these wins you can imagine that they have won a lot of World Series titles as well and you would be correct. They have won a total of 11 World Series Championships which is the second most in the MLB and the most in the National League. They have also won the national league title 19 times which is the third most of any team in the league. They could not have won all these games without the help of some pretty outstanding athletes which include players like Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial, and Bob Gibson. With many of their former players in the Hall of Fame, it is no wonder why the franchise is so historic.

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By Baseball Tripper
Last Updated: April 10, 2021