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Last Updated: April 10, 2021

Stadium Facts

Opened: 2001
Capacity: 41,900
Teams: Milwaukee Brewers
Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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This team was established in 1969 but it was actually established in the American League rather than the National League that they are in now. Additionally they were nowhere near Milwaukee when the franchise began instead they started in Seattle as the Seattle Pilots. For whatever reason, this only lasted for one year and then the team moved to Milwaukee and the name the Brewers instead. Similar to how many other teams got their names, the Brewers got their name from many local breweries that were a part of Milwaukee’s culture.

As we mentioned earlier they started out in the American League, and then made the official switch to the national league in 1998. This makes them one of two teams to ever switch between Leagues with the Houston Astros being the other. They are also the only team in the modern MLB era to have played in four different divisions. They started in the American League West Division when they were in Seattle, then moved to the East Division once they moved to Milwaukee, and finally started competing in the Central Division in 1994 and have been doing so ever since.

The famous players that have played for this team include Robin Yount, a historic shortstop for the team that played for them for a total of 19 years. They also had amazing relief pitchers such as Rollie Fingers and Trevor Hoffman. Most famously Hank Aaron played the last of his career with the Brewers and being one of the best sluggers of all time they too put him in the team’s hall of fame. In recent years they have had famous players such as Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder on the team. Christian Yelich is currently leading the team this season and has a bright future ahead of him.

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By Baseball Tripper
Last Updated: April 10, 2021