Marlins Park - Miami Marlins Stadium Guide

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Last Updated: April 10, 2021

Marlins Park

Stadium Facts

Opened: 2012
Capacity: 36,742
Teams: Miami Marlins
Address: Miami, Florida

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Continuing with a mixture of new and old teams in the NL East we have the Miami Marlins who were established as a franchise in 1993. As you may already know now, this is relatively young for a MLB franchise with most being established in the 1960’s or in the early 1900’s. For a majority of their history they were simply called the Florida Marlins and had a very cool logo. This changed in 2012 when they made a deal with the county of Miami to build a new stadium there, but they had to be renamed the Miami Marlins rather than Florida Marlins. This also came with a less cool logo unfortunately.

As for the baseball part of their history, they have only made it to the playoffs three times. However they are two for three in the playoffs when it comes to World Series wins which gives them a statistic of 67% when they make the World Series. Although this is a very high percentage, their three playoff appearances are the least of any team in the major leagues. They also have only had a total of seven winning seasons, which is another record for the least amount of winning seasons by any MLB franchise. Another fun fact with regards to their playoff appearances is that each of these three appearances came from them earning their spot in the wild card game rather than a division title. The Miami Marlins and Colorado Rockies are the only two teams in the MLB that have never won a division title before. They were also the first wild card team to win the World Series when they did so in 1997, but they are not the only team with this claim to fame now. Their new claim to fame is that their new general manager is the first Asian American and first woman general manager in MLB history.

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By Baseball Tripper
Last Updated: April 10, 2021