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Last Updated: April 10, 2021

Wrigley Field

Stadium Facts

Opened: 1914
Capacity: 41,649
Teams: Chicago Cubs
Address: Chicago, Illinois

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The Chicago Cubs are based out of Chicago, Illinois and were originally named the Chicago White Stockings because of the team’s very first uniforms which were all-white. The team was formed in 1870. In the early 1900s it was found that two nicknames were being used by the fans, the “Colts” and the “Cubs”. An interesting fact about the Chicago Cubs is the fact that they had a 108-year drought but in 2016 won the World Series Champions. The Cubs were remarkable in their early years of becoming a team but throughout the years were not playing up to the expectation. The home of the team is also known as Wrigley Field which was built in 1914. The team has been playing at the field since 1916, they also have the longest championship dry spell in American professional sports with the 108-year drought but they are back in business now.

There was also an alleged “curse” over the team when a fan known as Vasili Sainis attended Game 4 of the series with his pet goat. The “curse” is known as “The Billy Goat Curse”. Sainis was asked to leave during the game because his goat was distracting and bothering people. He then cast a curse over The Cubs saying they would never win another game for as long as they played at Wrigley Field. Although it is looked at as a joke most people started to believe it had some truth because of the drought. The Cubs fans did not care about the long drought of the team because through it all they stayed loyal and had faith in the team that they would win the next game. It is not known why the drought was so long but it did bring some good and recognition from it which was the longest team in American professional history to have that long of a losing streak.

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By Baseball Tripper
Last Updated: April 10, 2021