T-Mobile Park - Seattle Mariners Stadium Guide

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Last Updated: April 10, 2021

T-Mobile Park

Stadium Facts

Opened: 1999
Capacity: 47,929
Teams: Seattle Mariners
Address: Seattle, Washington

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The Seattle Mariners were established in 1977 as an expansion League in the American League West Division. They are one of the few teams that have stayed in the same location and had the same name since the founding of their franchise. The name Mariners comes from the city of Seattle’s marine culture, such an important part of the city’s history. As you may or may not know, the Mariners are not necessarily one of the most winning franchises in MLB history. In fact, they have had a losing record in 30 of their 44 total seasons. And just like the Texas Rangers, they are one of six MLB teams that have never won a World Series title.

They have an additional piece of history, because the Mariners are the only team in MLB that has never played in a World Series at all during their team’s history. They also hold the current record for the longest playoff drought in all of North American professional sports. They have not made it to the playoffs since 2001, which is now a difference of 20 years. Unfortunately it seems like this streak will continue for the Mariners this year, but we hope that they prove us wrong.

Despite their lack of championships they have had arguably one of the most popular players in the history of Major League Baseball. This player is none other than Ken Griffey Jr. who played centerfield for the Mariners and was a star athlete from the time he entered the league to the time he left. He was known for his home run swing and antics as well as his star glove out there in center field. He was also unique, because both him and his father played for the Mariners at one point and are the only father and son duo to hit back-to-back homeruns on back-to-back plate appearances.

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By Baseball Tripper
Last Updated: April 10, 2021