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Last Updated: April 10, 2021

Stadium Facts

Opened: 2003
Capacity: 42,319
Teams: Cincinnati Reds
Address: Cincinnati, Ohio

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The Cincinnati Reds history goes back even further than the St. Louis Cardinals, when they were established in 1881. The franchise does have a rather interesting beginning with the team being originally kicked out of the National League due to their owner who got in trouble for selling beer and playing games on Sunday. Although these are now commonplace in today’s day and age there was actually a rule back then that made those activities illegal in the National League. After the Reds went bankrupt, a local newspaper editor decided to make a brand new team to replace the old Cincinnati Reds. The team began by simply traveling around other major cities and playing their local baseball clubs. After proving to be quite dominant they were officially reaccepted into the national league in 1890. The team won their first World Series in 1919 which was their very first appearance in the World Series.

As for historic players in the franchise, they have arguably had the most Hall of Famers of any single franchise in MLB history. Now to be honest most of these players go back many years to the early nineteen hundreds. However, in recent years they have hosted quite a few legends such as Barry Larkin, Johnny Bench, and Joe Morgan. Recently they have also had great players such as Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto who is still playing for the team to this day. Whether Brandon Phillips will be in the hall of fame or not is still up in the air, however it is very likely that Joey Votto will enter the Hall of Fame once he retires. As for recent years the Cincinnati Reds are not doing as well as they once did during the 1900s. Either way they are still working to shape the history of this old franchise.

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By Baseball Tripper
Last Updated: April 10, 2021